About us

WigsByTee is a business that was founded the summer of 2016. We specialise in providing quality, flat and nicely laid in house machine made wigs by our head wig maker Tee as well as providing our wigs on a wholesale basis.

We are aware that although there are many wig wearers out there, there are also many wig virgins and we are here to convert you to a lifestyle where you can change your hairstyle overnight with ought damaging your own hair.

Our wigs are durable, long lasting, cost effective and most importantly value for money. Instead of getting new weave done monthly, how about you purchase a wig that is guaranteed to last you at least 1 year before the wefts even think of becoming loose.

We are happy to say that we are ready to share our work with you and teach you what we have learnt since we began our journey. We hope you can support us whenever and however you can and we will provide you with the best product and services that we have to offer.

Please feel free to follow our social media accounts, found on our ‘Contact Us’ page and please don’t hesitate to email us for any queries you may have. We hope you enjoy your experience with us no matter what you purchase.

Remember we are 'Always Slaying!