About Tee

Tee is the director and owner of WigsByTee, with experience in hair with an accounting background. Her background in accounting gives her a mindful but competitive approach. Tee is fuelled by her passion for pushing herself further and further in all that she does. She considers herself a "forever student," eager to both build on her academic foundations in accounting and stays in tune with the latest hair and colour trends.

Tee hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success with WigsByTee, where she has created a wig line with leading sister brand RPGshow. Meanwhile, she vastly improved the customer service part of her business by hiring an advisor to assist with customer queries. This ensures customers get a response to the queries within 1 business day.

Tee believes mindfulness in the workplace is key to success—a belief she lives out through her interests in meditation, cooking, and listening to music. Tee is currently working on ways to expand the business and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to tlawal93@gmail.com to connect!